Welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy looking around.
You will notice my work is very diverse and is always changing over time, as I get inspired by traveling and experimenting with different techniques, materials and colors.

My artistic career began in Haarlem, Holland with an interest in weaving and textiles. Soon afterwards I started experimenting with 3D effects and unusual fibers. My work at that time was highly graphic and modern. I enjoyed incorporating plastics and metal threads into my pieces. This often involved tracking down fibers from unusual sources; I once persuaded the manager of one the biggest supermarkets in the Netherlands to supply me with the raw packing material of his oranges, a kind of fine mazed fishing net made of a strong and durable fiber. Although it was an unusual request to keep me supplied with orange nets, the company liked my work so much that they commissioned me to do a large tapestry for them, which now hangs in their head office.

For ten years I concentrated on giving weaving classes and to producing textiles. After constant experimentation and innovation I reached a point where I decided to challenge myself again in another medium and turned to painting.

Around this time I also moved to the beautiful Dutch Caribbean island Curacao, which has been my home and inspiration since 1992. Nowadays I also love to oil paint and am frequently inspired by art that my husband and I see on our travels throughout Central and South America.

One of the first artists whom I got inspiration from was Gustav Klimt, and recently I have created a mannequin and several paintings drawing on his style. Other favorites whom I derive inspiration from include Botero, Michael Parks and of course Salvador Dali. My love for experimentation creating in three dimensions has recently resulted in colorful mannequins and vases.

The contrast of natural and smooth textures keeps fascinating me. Most of my metal sculptures therefore also include materials such as coconut frond and pine tree bark from my home garden. Sculptures made with these materials are usually resistant to the elements and therefore may be placed in as well as outdoors. Outdoors, the copper in my works will develop it's own patina or it can be sealed to preserve its bright colors.

All my work is produced in my own studio at home in the Caribbean. It is a lovely space flooded with light and color. I do all metalwork in a separate metal-working studio at home, which is in particular a place where I am always inventing and discovering new techniques or combinations of textures.

I am happy that my work is much in demand by private collectors as well as corporate collectors such as banks.
I enjoy working on special commissions, so please let me know what inspired or inspires you, so I can make a special piece for your home or office.

Enjoy the site :-) I am always creating and will update at least twice a year.

Warm Regards